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La Cavalieri Leather Products Trading LLC is based in Dubai, U.A.E. The brand name “ Cavalieri” is 100 % owned and operated under the flagship of La Cavalieri Leather

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Brands For Less

At Brands For Less we offer a unique “Treasure Hunt” experience to our customers. With over 3,000 international fashion brands all at up to 80%

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PRESTIGE is a unique brand that essentially focuses on Arabic Sandals for men. The brand introduces a modern twist into the traditional sandals by instilling

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Feathers Fashion

The Emirati brand has the Arabic culture deeply rooted in its tale from the logo which was inspired by the traditional architectural patterns, motifs close

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Chic Shoes

Chic Shoes as a Brand, established in 1997, is an in-house designed brand produced in different parts of the world. Chic Shoes offers an extensive

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Brand Antonio is synonymous with unique designs with genuine leather, world-class quality, comfort, and handmade luxury. This is what makes Antonio such a prevailing symbol

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