Mysterious Rose

At the time that Emirates Pride Company complete a decade of achieving leadership and successes in the field of perfumes … we would like to thank those who trusted the company and its products and worked hard to develop this brand to reach this level. And this is only the beginning so that we can go together and explore bigger and more beautiful horizons.

We raise the level together to present a gift to all partners of success..which is an aromatic bouquet composed of dark Bulgarian rose flowers, which expresses the depth and strength of bonding and love between us and our customers…Today, Emirates Pride takes you to a beautiful country and a more beautiful story which is told by (the Queen of the Rose), we launch the Mysterious Rose fragrance to be the (stand alone perfume).

The Composition is serving with an oriental floral woody that opens with the fragrance of velvet peach with sweet, nectarous and powdery effect on the top note, Bulgarian rose (Rosa Centifolia) in the heart which allows the different fragrance to an individual as per their olfactory in the heart and wood leather & incense is settled to give burning effect & make this fragrance last long.

Available at Emirates Pride Perfume – Ground Floor (Star Atrium)