Fun Farm

Fun Farm is an attraction to entertain Kids and to help parents enjoy their shopping. Parents can now leave their kids at Fun Farm to have their share of amusement, that too under the supervision of trained professionals. Fun Farm offers a variety of entertainments prudently designed to keep the little ones happy and occupied.


  • We want all the kids to have maximum enjoyment at Fun Farm! Following rules and regulations are instituted to ensure comfort and safety.
    • Service of a professional supervisor is available at all time.
    • Children more than 1.3m in height are not allowed to enter the play area.
    • Children below 3 years must be accompanied by a parent/housemaid.
    • For children aged 10 years old are not allowed to play at the toddler area.


    • Entry Fees per person is as follows:
      • 1 hour session is 30 Dhs.
      • 2 hour session is 50 Dhs.
      • Full day pass is 100 Dhs.
    • One entry ticket permits only one child for the whole session and cannot be exchanged.
    • Fun Farm is not responsible for your children’s safety or any injuries that may result from unsafe play or inappropriate use of equipment.
    • Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their own children. Our staff is employed to ensure that parents are watching their children and following the rules set by the board. You may be asked to leave if you fail to comply.
    • Please respect the equipment, the toys and others. No running or rough play.
    • No food or drinks are allowed in play areas. Food and drinks to be eaten in the café seating area please.
    • We are not responsible for loss, theft or damage of your property.
    • Please insure that you and your children are free of illness to avoid risk of infecting others.
    • Parents, if your child isn’t potty trained make sure they wear diaper before entering the play area.
    • Only children 5 years of age and below are allowed in the toddler play area
    • A wristband must be worn at all times.
    • No shoes allowed inside the play area.
    • Parents / Guardians must carry their ID card to pick up the child from the play area.
    • We reserve the right to revise entry fees& these rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.
    • To contact the play area, Call 056-6383475..